Our Global Vision

We are Decorative Surface Design Specialists. Our patented process of combining both the flexibility and durability of polyurea with the beautiful look and feel of natural materials allows us to create a wide variety of superior decorative surface materials.
Our vision is to create a product line that’s inspired by beautiful and unique textures from around the world. Our franchisees have the opportunity to participate in the process of expanding our product line by owning and operating their very own building material franchise. From duplicating rare materials like coral, to being able to etch a customer’s logo into slate wall or tabletop, our franchisees will have the opportunity to offer their customers options they’ve never thought possible before. Our tagline, imagination unleashed, is more than just a catching statement to us.
Polyurea duplicates patterns perfectly and follows any contour or shape you can imagine. We’ve tested our ability to duplicate and transfer the fine details of various types of textures and patterns from our molds onto our DecoArmor products and the results are amazing. One of the items we tested that ability with, was the American flag you see here.
We were amazed at the fine details we able to transfer from the cloth flag to our mold and onto our polyurea. In person it looked to us like we reproduced the flag's threads in sharper detail than the threads of the original flag.
Creating a product that looks and feels like the real thing takes more than just producing a mold and transferring its pattern perfectly onto our polyurea based product. The final step in creating a synthetic decorative surface material that looks and feels real is our patented process of bonding iron oxides (stone particulates) to the surface. This allows us to duplicate the look and feel of natural materials at the dramatic level of DecoArmor, making us one of the top decorative surface company opportunities in the industry.
The patented manufacturing process, used by our decorative surface company, allows us to duplicate and produce an incredibly wide variety of textures, patterns and colors. This is just another of the many advantages that sets DecoArmor apart from other synthetic and composite decorative surface products on the market. This is also a significant strength of the building material franchise opportunity we offer.
We own and control our manufacturing. This allows us to control our own research and development, to expand our product line in a much more flexible manner, so we can follow current and new trends and build a product line with a global vision.
Along with our building material franchisees, our vision is to build the most unique, comprehensive and durable decorative surface company in the world.
When people see and touch DecoArmor, they want it and the only place they can get it is from a DecoArmor Designs Franchisee. Your territory is protected and your success is supported. If you have a passion for serving people and an eye for design, you can successfully own and operate a DecoArmor Designs Franchise.
Three production categories:
  • Product is in stock

  • Includes current trends

  • There is a national demand for it

  • It’s frequently ordered

  • Lower tiered pricing

  • Fastest delivery: because it’s in stock

  • Product not in stock

  • Mold is in stock

  • Regional trend

  • Limited demand

  • Not frequently ordered

  • Middle tiered pricing

  • Additional delivery time: product has to be manufactured

  • Product not in stock

  • Mold not in stock

  • New emerging trend

  • Application process involved

  • Highest tiered pricing

  • Global product vision

  • Additional delivery time: both mold and product has to be manufactured