DecoArmor Designs is a building service and construction franchise that offers interior and exterior decorative surface materials. We offer protected territories for residential and commercial franchises.
We are an emerging construction franchise brand with a global vision. DecoArmor Designs unique and expanding product line and our innovative installation process has opened up the lucrative building industry to entrepreneurs with a passion for serving people and an eye for design.
Prior experience in construction is great, but not necessary. Our residential and commercial building material franchise company will train your team how to install DecoArmor.
Our award winning, in-house branding, marketing, social media and grand opening team will support you in creating your print ads, outdoor marketing, direct mail and online marketing campaigns. We’re committed to support you in successfully launching your business on day one.
Our construction franchise experts will train you and your team to succeed. Installation: You don't have to know anything about construction. Hiring Techniques: We provide strategies to attract A+ employees. Manager Training: We prepare your managers for success. Leadership Training: We help you create an effective culture. Sales Training: We train your team to sell DecoArmor effectively. Effective Evaluation: Learn how to evaluate your team to motivate their growth.
If you can measure, cut, staple, glue, screw and caulk you can install DecoArmor.
Last year (2020), the annual residential construction revenue hit the $89 billion mark with an overall construction value in the United States $1.36 trillion. The construction rate to keep up with expected population growth between 2020 and 2050 is 13,000 buildings per day. Global construction may reach $17 trillion by the end of year 2030. Need we say more?
There is no competition because we only offer protected territories. We offer both residential and commercial building material franchise opportunities.
The one who moves first, wins. We have protected territories. We help you establish your brand awareness and create your affiliate network. We help you maintain quality of service and produce customer loyalty. We help you shape your vision for success.
Environmentally friendly. Doesn't destroy trees or decorative rock and stone. LEED Compliant. Uses less water to manufacture. No volatile organic compounds. Closed molecules for waterproof application and mold resistance. Protects against rust & corrosion. Chemical resistant. Follows any contour or shape allows us to create an expanding and custom product line. We can keep up with changing local and national trends. Won't absorb dirt, bacteria or viruses. Easily cleaned. Odorless. Looks & feels real. UV stable: colors won't fade.
Reduced shipping costs & time. Faster & easier installation. Reduced labor costs. Less engineering costs. Less risk to health and wellbeing for installers. No heavy equipment necessary for installation.
Polyurea is LEED Compliant and one of the most environmentally stable man-made materials on the planet. Our patented manufacturing process reduces the impact on natural resources, is more energy and water efficient and generates less waste.
If you have a passion for serving people and an eye for design; if you are inspired by big vision and the First Movers Advantage, you can successfully own and operate a DecoArmor Designs Franchise. Now let's claim your territory.
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