What is the DecoArmor Designs Franchise opportunity and why is it so E.P.I.C.?

We are a building franchise offering a patented, next-generation, synthetic interior and exterior, decorative surface product for residential and commercial building projects.
Our innovative installation process doesn't require highly skilled labor or heavy equipment. We teach you how to lead your team and train them to easily install DecoArmor products.
Experience in the construction industry is great but not required. That's right, you do not need prior construction industry experience to be a builder with DecoArmor Designs. If you can measure, cut, glue, screw, and caulk then you can install DecoArmor.

DecoArmor is the next-generation decorative surface product the world wants and deserves. Our revolutionary manufacturing process generates less waste and uses fewer natural resources. When we produce DecoArmor we do not destroy forests, or natural rock and stone formations. There is no CO2 output and we are LEED compliant.

DecoArmor Designs has also created an environment for success. Not only do we offer leadership training for your team, we have a product that will outlast trends and grow with the global economy. Regardless of the challenges the world faces today and in the future, the commercial and residential construction industries are constantly growing to keep up with rising population numbers. This means there is an ever-growing need for innovative building practices across the US and beyond.


DecoArmor has over 30 distinctive advantages and outperforms all other decorative surface materials. Our surface design company's patented process combines polyurea with iron oxides (stone particulates). This makes DecoArmor look and feel real while increasing its durability.

Polyurea is a superior surface protective material that won't chip, break or crack like stone and mason and unlike wood, it can't be destroyed by water and is UV stable (it won't fade in the sun). DecoArmor protects your floors, walls, ceilings, decks, hardscapes, and more.

DecoArmor is extremely lightweight which reduces labor costs, install times, shipping costs, maintenance costs, risk, and liability for installers


DecoArmor can be installed without the need for specialized labor. This means that you can quickly and easily install DecoArmor which can be used to provide a durable, attractive, and cost-effective finish to just about any surface.

Our products can be easily applied using adhesive or mechanical fasteners that practically anyone can learn how to use. This means that as a franchisee you can sell our product to pretty much anyone in the building, construction, or remodeling industries - from large commercial builders looking for ways to save time and money to the DIY couple looking to remodel their home.


There is only one way for DecoArmor Designs to be successful in the global market, and that is to support our franchisees. We are committed to effectively teaching you how to install DecoArmor, attract and keep quality employees, lead your team, sell our products, and structure your business so that you can minimize your tax exposure.

We've developed a state-of-the-art business management system for our franchisees that will help you manage your CRM, invoicing, accounting, payroll, product ordering, point of sale, inventory management, job estimating, onboarding, and team training.

Our goal is to help you build a successful business that will better help you prepare for retirement and easily pass it along to the next generation.


Why should you invest in a DecoArmor Designs Franchise?


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Why the construction industry and why now?

As the cost of raw materials around the globe continues to go up, the value of our next-gen product increases more and more. We can provide builders with cost-efficient and durable replacements for wood, stone, and metal decorative building materials. This allows home and commercial contractors to build more quickly and at a lower cost.
Construction is an essential industry and regardless of the economic challenges we face, construction still continues. There are more than 733,000 employers in the construction industry today providing good paying jobs to over 7 million employees who are building nearly $1.4 trillion worth of structures in the U.S. every year. This makes our surface design franchise a great opportunity for anyone looking to start a building company in their area.



"Overall construction in the United States was valued at $1.36 trillion in 2020." ~ Statista



"The required construction rate between now and 2050 is 13,000 buildings per day to accommodate the expected population growth." ~ Redshift



"Global construction may reach $17 Trillion by the year-end 2030." ~ Ibis World


DecoArmor Designs' Global Vision

We Unleash Imagination
The extreme flexibility of polyurea combined with our patented process of adding unique colors and natural textures to DecoArmor, allows us to create a wide variety of decorative surface materials.
Our custom product line allows homeowners, builders and architects to unleash their imagination. We offer the highest quality flooring, siding, and decking products for all of your project needs.
Together we are Building the Most Unique, Comprehensive and Durable Decorative Surface Company in the World

Franchise Buyers Journey: D.E.C.O.

  • Initial Contact

  • Opportunity Presentation

  • Prequalification

  • FDD Review

  • Franchise Application

  • Verify Funding

  • Meet the Team Zoom

  • Execution Phase Meeting

  • Business Establishment Agreement & Training

  • Site Selection Agreement & Training

  • Award Franchise

  • Ongoing Franchise Agreement

  • Area Development Agreement

  • CEO Welcome Call

  • Define Franchise Boundaries

  • Order: Sample Boards, Marketing Materials, Initial Inventory, & Display Trailer

  • Grand Opening Contract

  • Operations Training

  • Location Buildout

  • Soft & Grand Opening

  • First Week Assessment

  • First Month Assessment

  • First 90 Day Assessment

  • First 6 Months Assessment

  • First Year Assessment

  • Second Year Assessment

  • Fourth Year Assessment

  • Tenth Year Assessment