DecoArmor Has Revolutionized INSTALLATION

If you can Measure, Cut, Staple, Glue, Screw and Caulk you can Install DecoArmor
construction franchise
We've Created a Better way to Build and Remodel
DecoArmor is easily applied to all stable and clean existing surfaces to create an upgraded stone, wood or metal appearance.
DecoArmor is lightweight and is much faster and easier to install. This saves you a significant amount of time and money on installation and labor costs.
We train your surface design company team how to professionally install more product in less time with less risk to their health and wellbeing.
DecoArmor has over 30 distinctive advantages over other synthetic, composite and natural decorative surface products, including:
  • Extremely light weight

  • Reduced shipping costs & time

  • Faster & easier installation

  • No construction experience necessary

  • Reduced labor costs

  • Reduced risk & liability to employees

  • No heavy equipment needed

  • Less engineering costs

  • Install in temps as low as 35 F

  • Won’t chip, crack or break during shipping or installation

DecoArmor Designs has reinvented the decorative surface industry. Not only because DecoArmor outperforms other synthetic, composite and natural products in the way it protects and looks, but because it’s much easier and faster to install as well.
With our innovative installation process, you can install DecoArmor without the need of specialized labor. Our products are easily applied using adhesive or mechanical fasteners that practically anyone can learn how to use.
Prior experience in construction is great, but not required. We train your team to install DecoArmor. If you can measure, cut, staple, glue, screw and caulk you can learn how to install our products.
construction franchise
DecoArmor can be used to provide a durable, attractive and cost-effective finish to just about any surface. It can be installed directly over interior sub-flooring, OSB boards, concrete patios, walkways and steps, existing wood flooring, siding, vinyl, tile, brick, stucco or metal. You can quickly and easily install DecoArmor over just about any stable surface.
Because DecoArmor weighs ounces, not pounds, it’s faster and easier to ship and to move once it arrives. You do not need heavy equipment to lift and install what appears to be stone panels that weigh hundreds of pounds onto residential or commercial buildings.
The lightweight construction of DecoArmor will allow your team to install more product in less time with less risk to their health and wellbeing. DecoArmor can reduce the cost of structural engineering and it allows homeowners, architects and builders to unleash their imagination and consider decorative surface options they would’ve never been able to before.
DecoArmor is easy to install but tough to beat.
When people see and touch DecoArmor, they want it and the only place they can get it is from a DecoArmor Designs Franchisee. Your territory is protected and your success is supported. If you have a passion for serving people and an eye for design, you can successfully own and operate a DecoArmor Designs Franchise.