DecoArmor Creation Story

DecoArmor was invented by Bruce Harrington over 15 years ago. Bruce has a vast amount of experience in the construction industry and has developed an impressive track record for inventing new building systems and technologies. Because of his unique and creative ability, Bruce was contracted to lead the project that successfully relocated the residents of Chernobyl, Ukraine after the Chernobyl disaster in 1986.
Like a lot of discoveries, DecoArmor was an accidental one. While cleaning up at the end of a project working with a synthetic polymer, Bruce was able to uncharacteristically peel a small sample of the polymer off the concrete floor intact and noticed it duplicated the pattern of the floor with a precision that caught both his attention and imagination.
After successfully discovering a way to combine the durability of synthetic polymers with the look and feel of natural materials, Bruce began installing his product on residential and commercial buildings.
Over the course of more than 15 years, Bruce has continued to refine and improve his product, both in how it performs and in the way it’s installed. Check out the video below and let Bruce share with you the story about how he has reinvented the decorative surface industry and provided the world with a better way to build and remodel.