Day: April 24, 2022

Franchise News
DecoArmor vs. Real Stone: What’s the Difference?

There is something classic and timeless about stone finishes. Many people love the look of natural stone, for things like patios, flooring, hardscapes, and outdoor decor. However, there are great ways to get the natural stone look without the hassle, and DecoArmor is a fantastic alternative. If you are a DecoArmor Designs franchise owner, or are considering joining the team, it’s important that you know what makes our products different from real stone.

Compared to natural stone, DecoArmor surface materials have many wonderful advantages. Here are some of the main differences to know:

It’s more durable

Stone can be quite fragile, and can easily crack or chip. And when it’s used for flooring, it can show a lot of wear and tear over time. However, DecoArmor is made from polyurea, the same man-made polymer that is used in truck beds and military vehicles!

It’s much lighter

Natural stone is known for being extremely heavy, and this contributes to higher manufacturing costs, higher shipping costs, and higher incidents of accidents or injuries during installation. Stone can be difficult to maneuver, but DecoArmor weighs very little in comparison. DecoArmor is easy to ship, move, and work with!

It’s less costly

Many stone finishes are quite expensive, especially more exotic stone slabs. DecoArmor is a cost-effective solution, delivering a beautiful stone-like finish without breaking the bank.

It’s low maintenance

Some stone products require sanding, sealing, and other maintenance, not to mention repairs when chips and divots happen. But DecoArmor saves you the time and hassle of all that maintenance!

It’s safe and hygienic

Like most things found in nature, stone is porous and can have microscopic sharp edges that can harbor dirt, bacteria, mold, and other hazards. If your customers are concerned about health and safety, DecoArmor is a much better choice. Ours is a closed-cell material that is resistant to moisture and mold, and won’t hold on to viruses and other germs. It’s easy to clean too!

Choosing between natural stone and DecoArmor surface material is simple, when you know the facts. If you want to make a name for yourself, selling this superior product, reach out to us and ask about our franchise opportunities!


Franchise News
4 Tips for Marketing DecoArmor in the Springtime

The construction and home improvement industry tends to see clear high seasons and low seasons. For most of the country, spring and summer are the times when people are more likely to invest in improvements and buy products like DecoArmor surface materials. So, if you are a franchise owner, or are interested in becoming one, it’s vital to have flexibility in your marketing plans throughout the year.

As we move into springtime, now is the time to ramp up your advertising and networking, to set yourself up for a lucrative high season. Here are some tips for your spring marketing plan:

1. Reach out to local contractors

All the contracting and construction companies in your area are gearing up for a busy time, and now is your chance to get your product in with them. Start contacting them now, set up some meetings and demos, and teach them what makes DecoArmor different from other surface materials. Contractors can save on labor and hassle, by using DecoArmor.

2. Do some direct marketing

Is there a neighborhood in town, where the homes look a little worse for wear? Have you noticed some business buildings looking a little shabby? Don’t be afraid to market directly to these people, who may be interested in a little exterior facelift this springtime.

3. Set up a demo

As both homeowners and business owners are looking to make improvements to their spaces, it’s a great idea to do some public demonstrations of what makes the DecoArmor product so unique. By doing in-person demos, you can show the quality, durability, and styles of the surface materials, while circulating your contact information.

4. Focus on outdoor projects

In the warmer months, most people try to tackle outdoor renovations, so this is how you should market DecoArmor. While it’s great for many indoor applications, now is the time to highlight its uses for decks, hardscaping, building exteriors, and other outdoor uses.

Want to learn more about our exciting business opportunities at DecoArmor Designs? Reach out to us today!