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Remembering Your “Why” When Things Get Tough

Owning a business isn’t for the faint of heart. And while becoming a franchisee takes some of the stress and risk out of the game, it still comes with its ups and downs. There will undoubtedly be moments where business is slow, expenses pile up, or you’re dealing with personal problems while trying to keep your company afloat. The unpredictability of business can get to you if you’re not prepared, and the most successful entrepreneurs are the ones that have practiced their resilience and stay focused on their “why.”

What is your “why?” This is the core reason why you are doing what you do. This is the essence of your values, driving you to action each and every day. Your “why” is what keeps you going when the going gets tough. And it’s a great idea to get very clear on this concept and keep coming back to it. 

Many franchise owners like to write down their “why” and place it somewhere they’ll see it every day- on their refrigerator, above their desk, on their car dash, etc. The more often you can tune in with this inner motivation, the better.

Ask yourself, why did you want to open your own franchise to begin with? How does it add value to your life? What about this work are you passionate about, or what is the best part of your workdays? What are you working towards, long-term? What do you wish to leave as your legacy or mark on the world? How does this business allow you to grow as a person, make the world a better place, or provide for your loved ones? 

These are great reflection questions to get you started, as you clarify your “why” for what you do. In the ebbs and flows of business, there is always opportunity. When you stay connected to your “why,” you can see the silver lining in every situation.

Are you looking for a business that you can be passionate about? Get in touch with DecoArmor Designs today and let’s discuss our current franchise openings!

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3 Ways to Turn Your Franchise Into a Family Business

When you are your own business owner, you have the opportunity to build something great for yourself, as well as leave a legacy for your family. Many franchisees love to include their family members in their work and pass on the business to siblings, children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, and other loved ones. If you dream of working alongside someone you care about, someone you can share your successes with, then it’s time to make your franchise into a family business. There are a few different ways that you can do this:

 1. Invest together

If you know from the outset that you want to build a family enterprise, you can pool your resources for the initial franchise investment. Whether that is combining cash, or signing business loan documents together, this is an easy way to establish a partnership for the long haul. We see this happen with siblings, spouses, parents and children, and more.

2. Give kids their first work experience

If you have children, this can be an easy way to pass on your business and getting them involved early is key. As they grow up, they will see your entrepreneurial spirit, and the exciting parts of what you do. Then, when they’re old enough bring them on board officially giving them a great initial job experience. They’ll learn priceless business skills and competence, making it easy to make them an official partner or sell them your franchise down the road.

3. Build a family franchise network

When you have several members of a family that are passionate about the same things, or want to get in on the same benefits, but perhaps live in different locations, it’s possible to each own a part of the same brand. If you open a DecoArmor Designs franchise in your town, and your brother does the same in his town, you can both learn from one another and support each other along the way.

It’s easy to make your franchise into a family affair, and we welcome this level of commitment! Get in touch today if you want to learn more about our current business opportunities at DecoArmor Designs!

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Networking is Key to Growing Your DecoArmor Franchise
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It takes a certain kind of motivated individual to run a thriving franchise business. Successful entrepreneurs and business owners will tell you that the relationships you build are some of the most essential pieces in growing your company. It’s more than just your product, your inventory, or your monetary investment- often, it comes down to how well you network! If you are a brand new franchise owner or are considering joining the DecoArmor team, this is a key point to remember. Always prioritize building your network if you want to see long-term success.

You may have a great product or service to share, but if nobody knows who you are or what you offer, you won’t get very far. It’s important to know how DecoArmor is different and better than other choices on the market, and be able to clearly communicate that to others. Whether you are talking to a contractor or directly to a homeowner, remember to be clear, enthusiastic, and invite them to learn more from you. When you are properly educated on the DecoArmor product line, you can have greater confidence in your networking.

Some people are naturally good at talking to others, but even if you don’t feel like that’s you, you can get there with practice! The more people you can connect with, and share your passion for your products, the better. And when it comes to networking, this is a long-term game. Don’t get discouraged if you go out and meet 50 people in your region, but don’t see a huge spike in sales right away. People often come around later on, so don’t give up.

Because DecoArmor is used for renovation projects, contractors are one of the most vital groups to connect with. Additionally, consumers themselves can learn from you. Remember to practice your “elevator pitch” on what DecoArmor is and what sets it apart, have your business cards handy, and be excited about what you’re talking about!

Want to learn more about growing your DecoArmor franchise with networking? Want to learn about our current franchise opportunities? Get in touch with us today!

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How DecoArmor Protects Our Natural Resources
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Investing in a business has never been an easy decision. There are many factors to consider, including startup costs, marketing, location, and how much time you have to commit to your growth. But nowadays, there are even more things to keep in mind, including the environmental impact of the products you’re selling, and how this may affect your longevity. As our planet’s natural resources continue to dwindle, the importance of eco-friendly businesses has never been greater. Thankfully, companies like DecoArmor are offering ways for consumers to invest in their homes and commercial buildings, without placing even more stress on the environment.

DecoArmor provides surface materials for homes and businesses, and thanks to our innovative product manufacturing, we can reduce the impact on our precious natural resources. The majority of hardscaping and surface products out there today are still made from natural materials like stone or wood. And this presents an ethical dilemma to not only the consumer, but the franchise owner as well. If you are considering opening your own decorative surface franchise, ask yourself if you want to contribute to the stress on our planet, or if you want to be a part of the solution! Thanks to modern technology, we now have more choices of materials that are less resource-intensive to make, ship, and install.

Instead of using natural stone or wood, DecoArmor has created beautiful and durable surface products that deliver the same look and feel, without the stress on the planet. Our innovative polyurea material doesn’t require intensive mining or deforestation, and produces less waste than other decorative materials. Polyurea offers unmatched durability for flooring, hardscaping, and other applications, but is completely lightweight, LEED-compliant, and doesn’t release CO2 during manufacturing. Plus, the DecoArmor material features a closed molecular structure, making it more sanitary and easier to clean, reducing the need for harsh chemicals.

Are you ready to own a franchise that reduces the strain on our precious natural resources? Reach out to us at DecoArmor today and ask about our current opportunities!

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DecoArmor vs. Real Stone: What’s the Difference?

There is something classic and timeless about stone finishes. Many people love the look of natural stone, for things like patios, flooring, hardscapes, and outdoor decor. However, there are great ways to get the natural stone look without the hassle, and DecoArmor is a fantastic alternative. If you are a DecoArmor Designs franchise owner, or are considering joining the team, it’s important that you know what makes our products different from real stone.

Compared to natural stone, DecoArmor surface materials have many wonderful advantages. Here are some of the main differences to know:

It’s more durable

Stone can be quite fragile, and can easily crack or chip. And when it’s used for flooring, it can show a lot of wear and tear over time. However, DecoArmor is made from polyurea, the same man-made polymer that is used in truck beds and military vehicles!

It’s much lighter

Natural stone is known for being extremely heavy, and this contributes to higher manufacturing costs, higher shipping costs, and higher incidents of accidents or injuries during installation. Stone can be difficult to maneuver, but DecoArmor weighs very little in comparison. DecoArmor is easy to ship, move, and work with!

It’s less costly

Many stone finishes are quite expensive, especially more exotic stone slabs. DecoArmor is a cost-effective solution, delivering a beautiful stone-like finish without breaking the bank.

It’s low maintenance

Some stone products require sanding, sealing, and other maintenance, not to mention repairs when chips and divots happen. But DecoArmor saves you the time and hassle of all that maintenance!

It’s safe and hygienic

Like most things found in nature, stone is porous and can have microscopic sharp edges that can harbor dirt, bacteria, mold, and other hazards. If your customers are concerned about health and safety, DecoArmor is a much better choice. Ours is a closed-cell material that is resistant to moisture and mold, and won’t hold on to viruses and other germs. It’s easy to clean too!

Choosing between natural stone and DecoArmor surface material is simple, when you know the facts. If you want to make a name for yourself, selling this superior product, reach out to us and ask about our franchise opportunities!


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4 Tips for Marketing DecoArmor in the Springtime

The construction and home improvement industry tends to see clear high seasons and low seasons. For most of the country, spring and summer are the times when people are more likely to invest in improvements and buy products like DecoArmor surface materials. So, if you are a franchise owner, or are interested in becoming one, it’s vital to have flexibility in your marketing plans throughout the year.

As we move into springtime, now is the time to ramp up your advertising and networking, to set yourself up for a lucrative high season. Here are some tips for your spring marketing plan:

1. Reach out to local contractors

All the contracting and construction companies in your area are gearing up for a busy time, and now is your chance to get your product in with them. Start contacting them now, set up some meetings and demos, and teach them what makes DecoArmor different from other surface materials. Contractors can save on labor and hassle, by using DecoArmor.

2. Do some direct marketing

Is there a neighborhood in town, where the homes look a little worse for wear? Have you noticed some business buildings looking a little shabby? Don’t be afraid to market directly to these people, who may be interested in a little exterior facelift this springtime.

3. Set up a demo

As both homeowners and business owners are looking to make improvements to their spaces, it’s a great idea to do some public demonstrations of what makes the DecoArmor product so unique. By doing in-person demos, you can show the quality, durability, and styles of the surface materials, while circulating your contact information.

4. Focus on outdoor projects

In the warmer months, most people try to tackle outdoor renovations, so this is how you should market DecoArmor. While it’s great for many indoor applications, now is the time to highlight its uses for decks, hardscaping, building exteriors, and other outdoor uses.

Want to learn more about our exciting business opportunities at DecoArmor Designs? Reach out to us today!

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Industry Trends in Home Improvement

Just like most consumer goods industries, the home improvement industry is inclined towards trend-based marketing. As people’s tastes and values change, and the collective aesthetic changes, the demand changes too. However, unlike the quickly-altering trends in the clothing industry, the home improvement industry is a bit slower to shift. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be aware of the trends, though! If you can stay on top of what consumers want, you can more easily speak their language, and deliver what they’re looking for.

Here are some of the biggest trends in home improvement, that aren’t likely to change any time soon:

  1. Eco-friendly materials: Caring about the environment and being aware of toxins in household products isn’t fringe anymore. Most consumers want products that are made with as natural of materials as possible, are manufactured in a responsible way, and that provide great performance without the health hazards.
  2. Affordability: This is one thing that has always been in style and always will be. People want to make improvements to their homes without breaking the bank or having to take out a second mortgage! Most homeowners are willing to spend a certain amount to get good quality, but not an exorbitant price.
  3. Durability: No matter how much someone pays for a product, they want it to last. If your product easily shows wear and tear from daily use, degrades in the elements, or looks shoddy after a short amount of time, your customers aren’t going to be happy and your long-term business will suffer.
  4. Aesthetic appeal: While everyone may have a slightly different personal style, most people can agree on a general desired look for homes and businesses. Clean lines, natural-looking materials, neutral colors, and a tidy design will appeal to a great number of people.

If you are a DecoArmor Designs franchisee or want to become one, you’re in luck! Our products have all of these features! Reach out to learn more about our franchise opportunities today!

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Common Traits of a Successful Entrepreneur

Everyone loves the look and feel of real stone, wood, and other natural surfaces. But the problem is, these natural materials are heavy, expensive, and often difficult to work with. They tend to wear out easily, and require upkeep. But thanks to innovative surface material technology, like that found in the DecoArmor products, you can get the look and feel you want, without the

We are officially in the era of the entrepreneur. More and more people are leaving corporate jobs to start their own businesses, or investing in opportunities that will help them build a future for themselves. However, not everyone has what it takes to succeed. There are several key characteristics that make for a savvy entrepreneur, and here at DecoArmor Designs, we look for these traits in each of our franchisees. If you are thinking of striking out on your own, and opening up your own construction franchise, these traits are great assets that can help you reach your goals.

  1. Belief in what you’re selling: This is one of the biggest key pieces that too many people overlook. If you’re not absolutely passionate about the thing that you are offering, then your potential customers can tell! Make sure you know about the products or services you provide, and truly believe in their benefits.


  1. Determination: Running your own business or franchise isn’t always easy, and you will likely run into some tough spots along the way. It’s vital that you have a strong sense of determination and not give up when things aren’t easy.


  1. Willingness to take risks: You’ll never make it anywhere big if you’re not willing to take some calculated risks, and this is an absolute truth in business. Those who are extremely risk-averse don’t tend to make great entrepreneurs.


  1. Desire to serve: The ultimate motivation for a good business owner is to help people and contribute something to the world. If you love providing solutions to people’s problems, making them smile, and resting well at the end of the day knowing you did your best, then becoming a DecoArmor franchisee might be a great choice for you.


  1. Courage to put yourself out there: How will people know who you are and what you offer, if you’re not willing to market yourself? It takes courage to make connections and promote your products/services, but it’s essential to your success.


Do you think you have what it takes to be a successful DecoArmor franchise owner? Reach out to us today to chat about our current business opportunities!

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DecoArmor Designs: The Future of Decorative Surface Materials

Everyone loves the look and feel of real stone, wood, and other natural surfaces. But the problem is, these natural materials are heavy, expensive, and often difficult to work with. They tend to wear out easily, and require upkeep. But thanks to innovative surface material technology, like that found in the DecoArmor products, you can get the look and feel you want, without the downsides! More construction and home improvement companies are switching to these composite or synthetic options, because they are lightweight, eco-friendly, and easy to install.

DecoArmor is a unique, patented, synthetic surface decor material that has a wide range of applications. It can be used indoors or outdoors, on floors, walls, decks, ceilings, hardscapes, and more, acting as a protective barrier and its own style element. DecoArmor has been used in both residential and commercial buildings, and you’ve likely seen our product in restaurants, retail stores, or even a neighbor’s house!

Our decorative surface materials come in many different colors, textures, and finishes that really look and feel like authentic stone or wood.

The natural stone and tile look is a popular choice for exterior siding for homes and businesses, as well as decorative features for fireplaces, outdoor grills, chimneys, garden beds, showers, and so much more. Walls and siding are two of the best places to install this product!

For the ultimate durable flooring that not only stays put but also looks great, DecoArmor makes a selection of stone tile and wood look products. These can take your floors to the next level in residential garages, kitchens, bathrooms, and basements, or in commercial restaurants, showrooms, retail stores, and more.

Many people have enjoyed using the beautiful DecoArmor products to spruce up their decks, planter boxes, outdoor kitchens, patios, outdoor walkways, and other hardscape components. This surface material gives a pleasing look, a natural feel, and added protection from the elements.

DecoArmor is an extremely versatile product, with endless opportunities for residential and commercial use. As one of our franchisees, you’ll have tremendous potential to share this product with everyone that you know! If you want to be a part of this growing brand, reach out to us to learn about our current franchise openings!

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Your Blueprint for Building a Successful Home Improvement Franchise

The home improvement industry is worth over $700 billion and growing. These sales and services together make up a market share bigger than restaurants and department stores, with the average homeowner spending over $3,000 every year on home projects. If you want to invest in a franchise that will deliver success for years to come, we welcome you to DecoArmor Designs! We’re passionate about helping motivated entrepreneurs build franchises that they can be proud of, and our signature E.P.I.C. blueprint. These four guiding principles can lead you down the road to long-term success.

So, what does it mean to be E.P.I.C.? And how can you leverage our trusted brand, to serve others in your community?

E- Environment

Here at DecoArmor Designs, we are dedicated to creating beautiful, durable products with as little environmental impact as possible. This is not only a cost-effective choice, but the wisest strategy for the long run, as our natural resources will only become more scarce. More and more homeowners are choosing products that are eco-friendly, and your franchise will be able to meet that demand.

P- Product

Get the corner on the market that you need, with a one-of-a-kind, patented surface material. There is nothing else like it available in the industry today! Our surface products offer superior protection for the home, while adding style. Made from innovative polyurea, the DecoArmor comes in a selection of finishes, sure to please anyone’s tastes.

I- Installation

DecoArmor Designs has revolutionized the decorative surface product installation process. There is no need for specialized labor, and we will train your team how to do this simple install with ease. You can quickly install the DecoArmor over just about any stable surface, minimizing demolition and saving time. It’s lightweight and low risk for you and your crew.

C- Commitment

Our team is passionate about supporting our family of franchisees, with comprehensive training, marketing assistance, and more. Even if you have little construction experience, you’ll be in good hands with us. We’ll guide you through every step of running a successful franchise, and give you a dedicated territory, to help you build the right relationships and maximize your revenue.

Want to learn more about opening your own DecoArmor Designs franchise, and how to become E.P.I.C.? Reach out to chat about our current opportunities!